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Dear readers, i regret to inform you that there have been some issues with our host group and site Pattaya Real Estate Market and our partner Big Mango Properties. Subsequently we have lost both e mail addresses and our website. However the listings that we have put up are still ours and inquiries can now be sent to me directly at

Apologies for any neglect or inconvenience. I have received new listings that i have not yet advertized or blogged about through this turmoil so feel free to contact me with your requirements and i will make every attempt to full fill them. Thank you again

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Pattaya's Beach to be widened starting this October

Pattaya to extend beach in bid to lure tourists



BANGKOK: -- The beach at Pattaya in Chon Buri province is to be widened to about 35 metres to prevent erosion and boost income from tourists visiting the seaside resort town.

Pattaya City's sand-fill project is expected to begin in October and will take around two years, said mayor Itthiphol Kunplome.

To extend the three-km beachfront to the eventual 35-metre width, will take 36,000 cubic metres of sand at a cost of Bt430 million. The first 15 metres of the new beach would involve a sandbag wall to serve as an embankment, while the remaining 20 metres would be of sand.The new beachfront will stretch for 2.7-km and cover around 60 rai, stretching from North, Central to South Pattaya beaches, Itthiphol said.

Itthiphol, who has been the mayor for six years, initiated this beach-extension project in 2010, requesting help from government agencies and local business owners.

Apart from the Marine Department, Pattaya City has hired the Aquatic Resources Research Institute, under Chulalongkorn University, as a project adviser.

The chief of the area Marine Department office, Rewat Phoriang, said the project had passed the Environment Impact Assessment, and is undergoing a bidding process, with this year's budget already available after approval from the Marine Department.

The sand to be used would be closest to the kind on Pattaya beach, found at beaches in Chon Buri and neighbouring Rayong, Itthiphol said.

The first beach areas to undergo the project would be those most damaged or affected from erosion.

When completed, the beach extension project is expected to revamp the image of Pattaya as a resort town with clean beaches and white sand, making it more attractive and have the potential of attracting 10 million tourists, as projected in the Asean Economic Community in 2015, Itthiphol said.

The head of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn, said the extended beach would be beneficial to the local tourism industry, especially for Westerners who liked sunbathing. Vendors who will rent out beach seats and sell food at the beach also praised the project.

-- The Nation 2014-05-12

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pattaya Street Shower Installed For Song Kran day

Pattaya has erected a street shower on beach road which is 500meters long. It has been installed for people whilst celebrating Song Kran on the 13 and19th of April.

PATTAYA – April 9, 2014 [PDN]; at 15.00 Pattaya Daily News reporters were notified by the parks and environment department of Pattaya that they were testing a shower on the Northern Pattaya Rd at a length of 500. It has been installed to keep expats cool during song kran day.

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The shower system testing drew a lot of attention from both Thais and foreigners. They stopped and took photos. The shower was the idea of Mr Itthipon Khumpleum- the mayor of Pattaya- and Mr.Chaowalit Praditpruek- the head of parks and environment department of Pattaya.

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The shower system will be 3 meters high with a dolphin on the top of each post. It can spray water about 15 meters and they have been installed both sides of the street. The water that will be used is supported by Pattaya Waterworks Authority. In addition, the water system will also be set up on Koh-Lan.
Ms Yuwathida Jeerapat- the spokesman of Pattaya- revealed that Song Kran day in Pattaya is very popular among Thais and foreigners and this year they need to add more highlights to attract more people. She also added that they will be using the shower system next year and up and coming years.

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The shower will be available on April 13th and the 19th from 8.00am to 16.00pm.

Article from Pattaya Daily News

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On this first day or April pattaya seems to have a sense of humor

Shocked Residents as Toll Booths Appear Overnight


PATTAYA: -- During the night City Hall have introduced a new tollbooth at the start of Beach Road, as you enter from Dolphin Round about. 

Thai double pricing standards apply with Thai Nationals entering free with foreigners paying a minimum 30 baht. Pattaya City Hall have assured Inspire eMagazine that all Expats that produce a valid Thai licence will be entitled to the Thai pricing. 
There will be no costs for pedestrians, and it is unclear whether motorcyclists using the walkways rather than the road will be tackled. Local expat, Steven Sparkle, was there at 2am to witness it. "There were hundreds of workers that literally turned up and it was all done within a matter of hours. 
I can't believe it, no one was told about this. It's awful". pattaya-tolls Discount for Beer Bar Patrons If you buy two or more beers at any of the venues on Pattaya Beach Road do get your card stamped, as you will get a full refund on your toll charge when you get to the end of Beach Road from one of the Tollbooths on exit. Dave Trevors who was one of the first to use the toll at 9am this morning was livid. 
"I had a meeting at 10am but had to stop and drink two beers along Beach Road so I could get my toll money back, I am not sure this is a good thing for Pattaya that drivers start drinking so early.
Needless to say I was late for my meeting". It is believed that the money back initiative for drinking a couple of beers, which was introduced as a strategy to help local bar business in Beach Road, may need to be rethought as City Hall has questions over the effect it may have on drink driving
Will not Impact Tourism Numbers Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) are confident this will have no impact on tourist visitors to Pattaya and in fact believe the new revenue will ensure an even more pleasant Pattaya Beach Road as monies can be used to beautify the area. 
They also plan to build 10 minute parking areas for drivers wanting to take advantage of the two beer offer that will ensure they get their toll money charges back; but it is thought this money could be raised by sponsorship for these parking zones by one of the beer companies.

-- Inspire Pattaya 2014-04-01

Thailands politica problems move south into Pattaya causing problems for local business

Pattaya Red Shirts force cancellation of anti-government concert in South Pattaya


PATTAYA: -- The Pattaya Pro-Government Red Shirts were out in-force late on Monday Night in South Pattaya after they received word of a music concert at a South Pattaya Restaurant featuring a well-known anti-government singer.

The Singer is affectionately known as “Marijuana” and just 2 days before his appearance in Pattaya he was on-stage in Bangkok at an anti-government rally performing songs which accuse the Thai Prime Minister of being involved in corrupt activities.

Over 100 Red Shirts took part in a noisy protest outside of the Peace House Restaurant in Soi Khopai, owned by Khun Sitarmaert, who was forced to confront the Red Shirts and ultimately cancelled the concert, which was due to take place in less than 2 hours time.

The singer has performed at the restaurant many times but the owner confirmed that he will no longer perform at the restaurant as he fears for his own safety.

Source: http://www.pattayaon...-south-pattaya/

-- Pattaya One 2014-04-01

Is Thailands political crisis about to finally hit a breaking point?

The Nation

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra arrives at the National Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday to defend herself against the charge of condoning corruption in connection with the government

Military commanders will gather tomorrow to discuss political crisis amid fear of confrontation this weekend

BANGKOK: -- In a rare move, top military leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss a possible solution for the country at a time of political deadlock and likely confrontation between pro- and anti-government groups this Saturday.

Armed Forces Supreme Commander General Tanasak Patimapragorn has invited top military commanders - Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Navy chief Adm Narong Pipatanasai, and Air Force chief ACM Prajin Juntong - for a meeting with him tomorrow, a source familiar with the matter said yesterday.

The Supreme Commander felt that if the political deadlock was allowed to continue further, more damage would be done to the country, according to the source, who said the number of tourist arrivals had greatly declined.

This move by the military was not aimed at pressuring any side in particular, but intended to find a way out for the country, according to the source, who is a senior officer in the armed forces.

The source ruled out any chance of a coup, saying it would not be a "perfect way" to solve the problems and that the military had learned lessons from the past.

The red shirts plan their rally on Saturday, a week after the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee held its mass marches in Bangkok.

The military's move came as caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra met with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on the last day of a deadline she was given, to explain allegations of her condoning corruption and dereliction of duty, in regard to the controversial rice price-pledging scheme.

The national anti-graft agency will decide today whether to grant Yingluck's request yesterday for additional testimony from 10 more witnesses and to submit more documents to support her case in its investigation, Prasart Pongsivapai, a member of the NACC, said. The NACC would base its decision on relevant laws and it would see whether there was a need to question more witnesses, Prasart said.

If the NACC agrees to the PM's request, the case will be delayed further. The agency was earlier expected to make its decision about the case during April. A decision to pursue the case would mean Yingluck would be likely to face an impeachment motion in the Senate, and a possible legal case with the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Political Office Holders.

More than Bt400 billion in state funding has been lost in the scheme, which buys rice from farmers at well over the market price.

The prime minister is accused of failing to prevent corruption in the loss-making and graft-plagued scheme.

Yingluck arrived at the NACC office yesterday afternoon with her lawyers and a number of Cabinet ministers. Only her lawyers and Justice Minister Chaikasem Nitisiri were allowed to accompany the PM in her meeting with the NACC commissioners.

Waiting for her was an army of reporters, photographers and cameramen. The PM wore a cast on her left foot and was seated on a wheelchair shortly after her arrival. She recently suffered a damaged ligament from a fall.

All five NACC commissioners took part in the meeting, which lasted about 30 minutes. The prime minister later left without giving any interviews to the media.

Prasart said yesterday that the caretaker prime minister's presence indicated that she accepted the scrutiny process. He said the PM defended herself in writing as well as verbally.

-- The Nation 2014-04-01

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fake ID easily attainable in Thailand

Fake ID's easily had in Bangkok

With the Malaysian Airliner missing, two Iranian men boarded on stolen passports on purchased tickets from a Pattaya travel shop, i thought this was interesting. It's scary what kind of official documents can be easily duplicated in Bangkok's Khao San Road. Check out this article:

Khao San Road fake IDs look like the real thing
Nirmal Ghosh
The Straits Times

file photo

BANGKOK: -- Khao San Road, crammed with budget tourists from across the world, has long been a backpacker hub for Southeast Asia.

The streets are lined with restaurants, guest houses, travel agents and shops selling cheap cotton clothes and souvenirs.

Police lounge at either end of the 200m street, keeping an eye on things.

Itinerant Indian "fortune tellers" and Nepali tattoo touts lurk and accost passers-by.

"You have a very lucky face," one Indian "fortune teller" told me.

Normally, the handful of vendors making fake identity cards are clearly visible. On Wednesday though, I had to hunt for one.

I asked a Nepali boy who was trying to find customers for a tattoo shop, and he took me to a man, who was this time positioned slightly back from the street at a discreet table with two stools.

He was a Thai man, in a blue shirt and wearing glasses. There was an air of edginess from the start.

"What country?" he asked me.

I told him I was Indian and he looked incredulous. But then he produced a large album - the kind used to hold business cards - for me to flip through.

In it there were well over 100 samples of identity cards, from driving licences to student passes to airline crew passes and many others. There was even an Interpol ID card and a Singapore identity card.

When I expressed surprise at the Interpol card he stared and said: "Are you Interpol? Are you Interpol?" But I laughed it off.

I chose a Singapore driving licence and a Qatar Airways crew card. They cost 800 baht each.

He informed me they would take an hour and a half to make. I gave him a couple of passport photographs I had brought for the occasion, and he said that for the airline card he could alter the photograph to have me in a suit and tie.

I asked him quietly if he knew anyone who could make a passport, and he said he did not. I asked him if he made Thai IDs and he said: "I don't do Thai."

This was something a law enforcement source had told me - the fake ID peddlers don't ever make Thai IDs, which is why police leave them alone.

It is also probable that they pay police, my source said - entirely believable given the environment and the trade they are in.

When I arrived at the appointed hour, the man again said: "Are you police?" I laughed and shook my head. Then he asked where I lived and what I was doing in Bangkok. He seemed satisfied by what I told him.

Then a young South Asian man who seemed to be helping him appeared and pressed a folded piece of paper into my hand. Inside were the cards.

In my hands were a spanking new Singapore driving licence and a Qatar Airways crew card. The only difference from the real Singapore licence was the absence of holograms. The fake ID vendors do not seem to be able to make cards with holograms.

Yet, on the face of it, the cards were startlingly realistic.

"If any enforcement officer just takes a quick look, or Googles these documents to compare them, they are unlikely to spot any problem," my law enforcement source said.

-- The Nation 2014-03-15